07. Direct Mail

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07.Direct Mail
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Direct Mail
Client: Columbia Houae. "Top of the List" became a Columbia House Direct Mail Control.


While Direct Mail for large corporations needs to fit some existing formats since they are printed in the millions, we managed to create work that stood out from the rest; work that other Direct Mail programs were measured against. In case you're unfamiliar, these are called "controls". Two of the pieces we created for Columbia House became controls.

Concept, copywriting, design and production by Ultimo on all the pieces you see here.

Client: Columbia Houae. "70 Ways to Say Thank You" became a Columbia House Direct Mail Control.
Client: Columbia Houae. "Listen To This" had a transparent window on the back of the envelope and a die-cut letter enclosed.
Client: Insight Communications
Client: Pay Per View
Client: Paragon Cable
Client: Kid's Arts Tribeca. This mailer also functioned as a brochure.