01. Logo&Trademarks

03.Corporate Capabilities
04.Sales&Marketing Tools
07.Direct Mail
10.Packaging Design
11.Unusual Design Projects
12.Green & Socially Responsible Design
13.Design By Client
15. Graphic T's


A new, dynamic internet presence for alternative audiences. Highly sucessful local business. Click to see the website.

See "Making (and Unmaking) Logos" on Clare's Blog (clareultimo.com site)
Click here to see package design.
"You Rise" identity project for a spiritually focused film production company.
Textile based company for graphic imprinting on fabric.
See Website Design.
Company that sells unique greeting cards & related stationery products. See Website Design.
Alternative food shop & bookstore.
Jewelry design by Ellen Miller that combines elegance with a unique sense of the natural.

The Union Square Awards was established to honor groups that contribute to the life of NYC. The logo is based on a photograph of the steps of the US Supreme Court taken by the Founder.
See more Union Square Awards projects here.
Color application of the black & white Botticelli's Niece logo. See more Botticellii's Niece design projects.
Logo for a media educational based organization based out of Hunter College, NYC. The logo of the most famous poetry cafe in the world. We had to say "literature" as well as "performance", thus the running figure holds a book and screams at the same time! See more Nuyorican Projects here.
Cutting edge internet consulting firm.
A film production company.
A international not-for-profit organization that creates high school scholarships in Southeast Africa.
A NY Real Estate firm. See Website Design.
Retail outlet that sold only recordings of...you guessed it...anything that was recited, spoken or said by a human being. See Design Application.
VIP Community Services is a Bronx-based not-for-profit that serves its community on an individual basis, from housing to re-hab. See more work for non- profits.
Socially responsible, educational media company.
We developed this mark for Insight when they went from being a cable company to an inclusive fiber optics communications provider.
Pioneering developer of leading edge interactive marketing and point-of-purchasetechnologies. Simple
and elegant, the triangle is meant to resemble a target viewfinder.
See Design Application here.
Logo for The International Emmy Awards used from 1987 until 1999.
Kids Arts Tribeca; a children's organization located in downtown Manhattan. See brochure for this client.