10. Packaging Design

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10.Packaging Design
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Packaging Design
Identity and packaging design for ZINN Morocco 100% Organic Argan Oil for face, hair and body.

Click here to see product brochure and POP poster.



ZINN Beauty Websie Design> Home page.
DeGennaro Expresso Coffee Packaging
Henna Art Kit Package Design
Ultimo invented "Poetry Dog Tags" (Poetry You Can Wear!) published by Chronicle Books and designed the packaging as well. See Unusual Design
for more.
Ultimo created a more playful packaging for this kid's version of "Poetry Dog Tags" also published by Chronicle.
The Answer Man Can, invented and designed by Ultimo. See Green & Socially Responsible Design for more.
Book and Oracle Card Deck prototype inspired by the Answer Man Can.

See for more book design.

Left (Both)
CD Design for Warner Music International.
See more Warner here.


Above: CD Design for independent artist.
Right: DVD packaging for Columbia House.
See more Columbia House here.
Packaging and label prototypes for a sustainable consumer product to be made in Belieze. See Green & Socially Responsible Design for more.
"Mothers of the Blues" CD Prototype for Columbia House.
Computer Intelligence InfoCorp.
A series of B2B product marketing materials for Computer Intelligence InfoCorp, a database research company servicing the technology industry.
More Western Digital here.