04. Sales&Marketing Tools

03.Corporate Capabilities
04.Sales&Marketing Tools
07.Direct Mail
10.Packaging Design
11.Unusual Design Projects
12.Green & Socially Responsible Design
13.Design By Client
15. Graphic T's


Sales&Marketing Tools
Product Brochure. See more Botticelli's Niece work here.

Compak Services Capabilities and Marketing Kit (below), complete with a project portfolio that can be updated. See for more Compak projects.
Client: Broadway Video
We invented a really original Direct Mail Promotion (that really worked) for Broadway Video that you can read about in a "Step By Step" magazine on the Clare Ultimo Inc. general website.

See more TV/Media work here.

Nuyorican Capab ilities & Press Kit. See for more Nuyorican Projects.
A&E Marketing Kit. See for more A&E projects.
Marvel Entertainment Group Sales kit that left a 3D Spidey head once it was opened. See more Marvel work here.
Marvel Entertainment Group B2B Sales Brochure. See more brochures here.
Left> Marvel in-store promotion poster.

Right> Nuyorican Poets Cafe 30 Year Anniversary Celebration Poster.

Above> "Spoken Word Grows Wilder Here" Nuyorican promotional poster. See more Nuyorican Poets Cafe here.
Above> Promotional Poster for Grand Slam Finale event at the Nuyorican Poets Cafe.

Left> Promotional Poster for website launch party event at Nuyorican Poets Cafe.

Client: Broadway Video Interactive
Capabilities Kit; a four-part kit that functioned "interactively".
Winner of Art Director's Club of NY Award.Read about in this project in a "Step By Step" magazine on the Clare Ultimo Inc. general website.

See more Capabilities Kits here.

Left> Client: Macmillian Publishing. We created a totally unique textbook promotion that would be useful and memorable to potential buyers: a series of notecards crreated from the beatutiful natural artwork of the book.


Right> Client: Discerning Nature Inc. Sell sheet to promote an educational CD. See more socially responsible design here.

Left> Promotional Poster for "Saying I Do", independent, award-winning documentary film.
Client: WLIW/NY "Wild Planet" Promotion.

See more design for non-profits & institutions here.

Client: USA Networks. A very unusual, high end corporate promotional materials catalogue created from a combination of paper stocks.

See more design for TV/Media here

Client: Ernst & Young. Corporate promotional materials catalogue.