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Studio Projects thru 2023

Studio Projects thru 2023

Nuyorican Poets Cafe

The work we developed for the Nuyorican is a prime example of how to work on a shoestring budget for a non-profit. Much of the reason for the abundance of black and white in these pieces was because it was simply cheaper to print that way. With the advent of digital printing, we fortunately have other options!

Nuyorican Logo & Brand Identity Application >

Nuyorican Capabilities Kit
First Nuyorican Website
Poetry Slam Promo Poster

Nuyorican Poetry Slam Promo Materials >

I spent 17 years promoting Slam at the Cafe & attending the yearly National Poetry Competitions with our team. Every year I took their pictures, created posters & TShirt designs that we would wear at the Nationals, & accompanied them around the US every August for the event. (Yes, it was always exciting to be there!) See verbsonasphalt.com, my MFA thesis project on Nuyorican Poetry Slam with lots of pics.

First Nuyo Poetry Slam Magazine
30 Year Nuyorican Anniversary Event @ Town Hall NYC
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