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Studio Projects thru 2023

Studio Projects thru 2023


Hourglass Press

The Hourglass Press logo can be found here.

We designed a boxed kit that included rose quartz runestones, a pouch to hold the stones and a 120 page booklet.

The Henna Art Kit included actual everything you would need to create beautiful hand patterns, as well as two booklets with patterns and instructions.

Zinn Beauty

We created a logo, product labels and packages for Argan oil beauty products made in Morocco.


Working with the client, who already had many visual requirements for this product line, we created labels and packages for a wide variety of innovative CBD oil products.

Answer Man Card Set

A prototype instruction book and card set that took the Answer Man Can to another level.

Poetry Dog Tags and Friendship Tags

Besides creating the concept and idea of “wearable poetry”, we designed both kit packages for the publisher, Chronicle Books. See Unique Projects for more about these.

The Jungle Gum Project

The Jungle Gum Project was really exciting to do but became limited when our client was unable to get the full funding they anticipated. We also created this company’s logo.

Raptors Packaging

Created for Discerning Nature and contained a book and interactive CD ROM. Discerning Nature was a company with sustainable, progressive ideas back in the late 90s and we loved working with them.

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