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Studio Projects thru 2023

Studio Projects thru 2023

Various Nonprofits & Institutions

We’ve worked with dozens of non-profit organizations since the studio began, creating their Logo identities as well as promotional materials. These were wonderful clients dedicated to making the world a better place for their communities.

International Emmy Awards

Before the internet existed, we worked with the 
International Emmy Awards for over 10 years and created countless yearly projects for their events, community communications and all their 
Galas. Just a couple of their projects here…

Rosemary Pencil Foundation

The Rosemary Pencil Foundation was founded by a former Director of the International Emmy Awards to help children in Malawi, Africa complete their education. Find out more about them here: https://rosemarypencil.org

DIVAS for Social Justice

According to their mission: “DIVAS for Social Justice empowers and inspires youth living in underserved communities in NYC to use tech and visual arts to promote social justice and become change makers in their communities.”
Founded by Clarisa James, this group continues to make an important contribution to their community of young 
people. Find out more: www.divasforsocialjustice.org

Design of DIVAS logo and DIBS logo.
Logo for the DIVAS "STEAM" program
Banner at the Macon Library in Brooklyn. One of the many project promotions created for DIVAs.

Union Square Awards

The Union Square Awards was one of the most important grant-making sources for many local NY based grassroots activist groups.

We created their logo, corporate identity and many outreach materials.

VIP Community Services

VIP Community Services is a Bronx based organization that offers comprehensive and integrated medical, behavioral health, housing, and other services to their community. We created their logo as well as outreach materials.

City of New York

We worked with several different city organizations over the years.

Logo to show the partnership between NYC Parks & Recreation and the City Parks Foundation.
Because of our Environmental and Socially Responsible work at the time, we were asked to create promotion and awareness of this program in NYC when it began. We created posters, brochures, flyers and Recycling Kits.
Logo and promotional materials for the NYC Mentoring Program.
Logo for a NYC Chinatown organization, helping the Chinese community in NYC.

Public Broadcasting Service

Identify and promotion for a Nature Travel PBS series.

Hunter College of CUNY

Logo design for the student organization of the Integrated Media MFA Graduate Program at Hunter College.
Announcement for the first CUNY Colab online site that brought together collaboration between all the colleges in the City University.
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