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Studio Projects thru 2023

Studio Projects thru 2023

Promotion & Marketing

We created hundreds of projects that gave our clients a most unique and effective way to promote themselves and establish their brand across many audiences. During the time, promoting a company meant coming up with really unique materials and ideas in 3D, and we were able to show a special kind of creativity that seemed to please everyone involved. Articles written about our Promotion & Marketing work can be found here. 

Alt Pick.com

A limited edition card pack to celebrate 20 years of this amazing alternative NYC talent source. Read the article about the project here.

Broadway Video

We created a series of totally unique marketing materials for this NYC Video production company.

A really original Direct Mail Promotion (that actually got results) for Bdway Video that reached out to Video editors & staff around NYC. You can read about this project in an article called “Collective Genius” in Step By Step magazine.

A cool capabilities Kit for Broadway Video Duplication service.

Broadway Video Interactive Division: A four-part Capabilities kit, using recycled cardboard that functioned “interactively” for the user.
Winner of Art Director’s Club of NY Award.
Read the article about this project from the book “Graphic Design Inspirations and Innovations 2” by Diana Martin and Lynn Haller.

Marvel Entertainment Group

Before they were bought by Disney, Marvel retained us as their design studio for four years. We created hundreds of promotion and marketing projects that included everything from street banners and clothing, to corporate advertising and product development. It was an amazing experience for us and we even got to attend Spiderman’s wedding at Shea Stadium! Here are some of my favorite Marvel projects…

Compak Services

Compak provided advanced direct marketing solutions for major American companies.

Warner Music International

We created ads, sales kits and other corporate materials for album launches of international musicians like Mana, Phil Collins, Luis Miguel and Miguel Bosé.
The album launch for Mana’s “Cuando Los Angeles Lloran” was particularly fun since we were able to meet and hang out with the band. Besides media design, we created promo materials for Mana that included street posters, sales kits and in-store displays.

Limited Edition hand-bound books to commemorate the Three Tenors Tour Photo. Click to read the story behind making this Limited Edition series:
Originally published in “Graphic Design Inspirations and Innovations 2”
by Diana Martin and Lynn Haller

A&E Networks

One of our earliest clients, working for A&E was a wonderful opportunity for a young design studio. We designed everything from corporate sales kits to annual holiday cards.

I especially liked projects where AE provided materials for libraries and specific arts audiences. Here is a tiny sampling of work from a long and positive client relationship.

Abrams Books

Could not resist including one of the fun old projects we created for Abrams Books. Designing a calendar for Tamagotchi, one of the first interactive digital games for kids, we came up with the idea of checking off the days you fed and took care of your digital pet. The fad was just becoming big at this time.

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